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About Us

FriendshipWorks (formerly MATCH-UP Interfaith Volunteers) is a network of trained volunteers that provide support and assistance to elders in Boston and Brookline.  We have thirty years of experience recruiting, training, and placing volunteers for this purpose.

A FriendshipWorks volunteer with a seniorOur mission is to decrease the social isolation, enhance the quality of life, and preserve the dignity of elders in Boston and Brookline.

FriendshipWorks partners with congregations of all faiths to identify people who need assistance and find volunteers who share our goal of helping a neighbor in need.  We cooperate and share referrals with area hospitals, long-term care facilities, health, government, and human service agencies.

For a good overview of our mission and programs, you can check out the video “My Friend, My World”,  produced by Deb Bergeron and unveiled at our 30th Anniversary gala.

National Volunteer Caregiving Network

FriendshipWorks is a founding member of the National Volunteer Caregiving Network, a collection National Volunteer Caregiving Networkof volunteer organizations around that country  whose purpose are to bring volunteers of different faiths together to care for their neighbors who may be isolated and living with chronic health conditions or disabilities.

Originally funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as the National Federation of Interfaith Volunteer Givers, NVCN’s mission is to create independent living through the advocacy, support, and development of local volunteer caregiving programs:

  • Everybody should have the choice of independent living in their home of choice.
  • NVCN is responsive to individuals, groups, and communities with hopes that someday this vision will become a reality.