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A Volunteer Story: Sharing the Joy of Music

MusicWorks Volunteer Ruby
MusicWorks Volunteer Ruby

(July, 11, 2016)   Ruby, a native of Hong Kong, loves music, having studied piano and classical music since she was five years old. She also has another passion, sharing her love and joy of music with others, especially among people with disabilities and the elderly. Ruby’s passion for sharing and helping others led her to England to complete a Masters’ degree in Community Music. Upon graduation, she volunteered and worked at various interactive music therapy programs there, working with elders with Alzheimer’s and those who are visually impaired. Read More

Sharing the Joys of Conversation and Food with Joan

Stephanie and her mother         


(June 7, 2016)  FriendshipWorks is a wonderful organization that reminds us the joy and value of new friendships. Through FriendshipWorks I was introduced to my dear friend Joan. Joan is an 80 year old witty, caring woman with many stories and wisdom to share. We meet once a week for tea, and when we want to indulge- a glass of wine. Sometimes we order pizza, sometimes we make dinner, and no matter what we always finish with a big bowl of ice cream! Read More

Reflections from the Walk

Michelle and her dog

(June 7, 2016) FriendshipWalks gave me a good reason to share with family, friends and colleagues FriendshipWorks’ mission.  Many of them already knew that I volunteer with my dog May,  but I’m not sure they knew that FriendshipWorks helps connect so many elders in the Boston area with a friendly face each week.  Walking helped remind me that my own weekly visits are just part of a bigger effort to reduce elder isolation, an effort that is made up of many small acts of kindness. Read More

FriendshipWorks’ First Walk-a-Thon was a Success!

(June 6, 2016)  On a cool breezy Sunday, over 100 volunteers, staff and supporters (including 15 dogs) from greater Boston participated in FriendshipWorks’ first annual Walk-a-thon to raise awareness of the issue of elder isolation. The Walk, appropriately named FriendshipWalks, raised over $57,000, with more donations to come. Read More

Reflections from Peter on the Walking Buddies Program

Grace and Peter

“Solitude is a healthy ability to enjoy one’s own company, but isolation goes over the line into starvation for human society and the nourishment it provides.” ~ Peter, a FriendshipWorks Elder

(May 5, 2016)  By 2010 I’d retired from 2/3 of a century of volunteer work for nonprofits and soon sorely missed stimulating interaction with over 18,000 colleagues & visitors; alarm bells went off. Thankfully, the Walking Buddies specialty program described at FriendshipWorks  put me in contact with Grace, a Walking Buddies Program Volunteer young enough to be my great-grandniece. Read More