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Friendly Visiting

Our Friendly Visiting program matches volunteers with elderly individual who would like somebody to visit them on an ongoing basis. Some matches focus on Walking Buddies designed specifically to improve the elder’s strength, flexibility, and balance.

Volunteers and their matches can develop long lasting friendships that are beneficial to both.

Why Friendly Visit?

Without the stimulation that social interaction and friendship provide, an isolated elder can experience poor health, a lack of strength and energy, depression, and other physical, emotional, and mental health problems. Weekly friendly visits can change all that.

Friendly Visiting is fun for both the volunteer and recipient! Many of our “matches” last years, allowing for shared interests and activities that come with enduring friendships.

“Thank you for Patricia. Knowing that she will be coming to visit on Sunday makes all the difference.”-a quote from Eva, age 102

Walking Buddies

There is no exercise like walking. It’s easy, natural, and something we enjoy doing. The Walking Buddies specialty program matches volunteers with elders who would like a volunteer to walk with them. Depending on the needs of the elder, walks may be short or long, indoors or outside.

How It Works

Volunteers visit with their friends for an hour or two each week. Many elders would like to walk during this weekly visit, so Walking Buddies may be incorporated as an activity for the volunteer and elder to do together.

Some others activities that our volunteers enjoy with their friends include:

  • A friendly chat over a meal
  • Reading aloud
  • Helping with light chores
  • Out shopping or to a local coffee shop
  • Any other activity that friends enjoy!

FriendshipWorks goes to great lengths to ensure “matches” are favorable for both the volunteer and recipient. We take into consideration personality, geography, and many other criteria. Apply to volunteer and tell us a little about yourself.  We’ll introduce you to somebody special!

To volunteer with FriendshipWorks, please fill out our online volunteer application or call us at 617-482-1510 for more information.

You can also contact Bryan Perkins at or Amy O’Dea at if you have any questions about the Friendly Visiting program.